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Join us for Sundays online and in person at 9 & 10:45am.

R/Kids is provided for kids from birth-6th grade in both services.


Each Redemption Church congregation is led by a team of local elders and staff. The unified body of Redemption (all congregations) is overseen by a Leadership Team.

Andrea Hamilton

Outreach Director
About Andrea

You can find Andrea at the Connect Desk on Sundays, leading the greeter’s team. Her full bio is coming soon!

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Ann Wheeler

About Ann

I was born and raised in the small agricultural town of Quincy, Illinois. After attending business college and working for the local prosecuting attorney, I moved to Phoenix in 1975 and became a legal assistant and later managed two separate investment businesses. During that time, I faced several significant challenges and struggles that my religious upbringing did not equip me to endure faithfully. I began then to question everything in my life, especially my religion that could not sustain me because it was not based on a relationship with Jesus Christ. But during this dark time, God amazingly put key people in my life that pointed to Him and assured me that I could have a personal connection with a God who had seemed unapproachable and uncaring. The Holy Spirit began working in me in a way that has since changed me forever.

Now I live by His amazing grace, a life offered up to Him by faith. He rescued me and He has given me the beautiful desire to encourage others and comfort those in distress with the promises, blessings and grace God has bestowed on me. My joy is to serve His church through mentoring and discipling. I am also a deacon devoted to prayer and ministry.

I am married to Steve Wheeler, and we have four children and 13 grandchildren.

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Brennan Smith

Campus Coordinator
About Brennan

I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, but my family and I moved to the Midwest for the early years of my childhood. By the time I was thirteen, we had moved a total of thirteen times. We then returned to the Bay Area where my parents dedicated their lives to high school ministry in one of the least churched and most career-oriented cultural centers in the country. As I grew up, I developed a talent and passion in music through learning the cello, then moving to bass and guitar in high school. God taught me and grew me through this passion; He helped my faith become my own as I developed an understanding of the connection worship has to how we live our lives.

My next step was attending Grand Canyon University to study Worship Arts. During my four years at the school, God blessed me by humbling me and connecting me to some of the most important people in my life. I found a great community within the Global Outreach ministries at GCU, I met my fiancee, Aliyah, and began attending Redemption Church Arcadia. I graduated in the spring of 2021 while finishing my internship under Tyler Thompson, our Pastor of Worship.

Today, I am the Campus Coordinator at Arcadia, living a life of worship through the service of our community, campus, and staff. You may also often see me on stage, serving with the music team. I also am blessed with the opportunity to teach music lessons to both children and adults here in the Valley!

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Caleb Wiseman

Worship Director
About Caleb

Bio coming soon!

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Emmi Payne

R/Kids Director
About Emmi

Emmi was raised in Santa Clarita, CA, just North of Los Angeles. While there, Emmi was on staff at “Project Kindle,” a non-profit where she worked with high schoolers and served as the Programs & Volunteer Coordinator for their Summer Camp. She then moved to Arizona where she attended college at Grand Canyon University for 1.5 years before beginning to work full time at Actors’ Youth Theatre in Gilbert.

Emmi began attending Redemption Arcadia in October 2019 and has been an active member of the community since then.

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Frank Switzer

Lead Pastor, Elder, and Deacon
About Frank

Married to Jackie, we have two daughters. Shelby, our oldest, is a graduate of North Park University in Chicago where she completed a Bachelor’s in Biology. She’s now in graduate school. Darby, our youngest, is married to Joey. Both are graduates of North Park University in Chicago and are currently in graduate school. Both Shelby and Darby played high school and college volleyball. Jackie is the Director of the Family Life Center at North Phoenix Baptist Church, the terrific church she grew up in and the church where God saved me.

I grew up in a great family, but one that didn’t attend church. At the age of 27, Jackie and I met and started dating while, of course, she was attending North Phoenix Baptist Church. As a part of our “dating plan” I wanted to attend church with her to try and figure out “the Jesus thing.” God used Jackie and NPBC to save me in June of 1987.

In 1990 I met Tom Shrader (one of the founding pastors of Redemption Church) and began attending his Bible studies. He would disciple me where he could and when we had time. Eventually, the business I was involved in was sold and I was left with no career at the age of 35. I went back to school, earned a few degrees, and in 2000 entered vocational ministry. In late 2011, I was called to Redemption Arcadia, where I started in February of 2012.

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Ira Jones

About Ira
I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but lived in New Orleans until I was nineteen. I am the third son, fourth born child of 16 siblings. I enlisted in the Navy in 1969, during the Vietnam War, and served for four years. After military service, I lived on Oahu, Hawaii and later became a jewelry engraver for the next 24 years. I moved from Oahu to Phoenix in 1993 and became an officer with the Department of Corrections for 22 years.
 Though I was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition, I did not become a believer until 1980 after being invited to a Jimmy Swaggart Crusade. I was later a member of both the Assembly of God and the Foursquare churches. During my time with these organizations, I went on several ministry tours to the Western Pacific Islands (Palau, Majuro, Pohnpei, Guam, etc.), was a member of the worship ministries, and was a Cell group (R.C.) leader. I began attending Redemption Arcadia about 2013 and was immediately drawn to the church from its expositional teaching of the Word and weekly communion. Additionally, I am deeply moved by the passion I see in the young people for the Lord through their service and commitment to the church. I am honored to be a member of this Redemption community.
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Jim Morlan

About Jim

I was raised the grandson of a Baptist minister who I never knew. He had died before I was born, but his wife, who was a wonderful woman, lived with my mother, father, brother, and I in Southern California. My wife, Pat, and I were married in our late teens and I embarked on a career with a national company. We lived in California, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, back to Southern California, and then Philadelphia. In 1986 I bought a business in Phoenix. During those years we got away from regular church attendance. That changed when we moved to Phoenix, met several great gospel teachers, and became immersed in the Word. We had lived our lives, but never got away from our Christian values. Throughout my life I have encountered and overcome many challenges. You can’t deny God’s work in our lives. As an elder, I hope to impart those experiences to others at Redemption Arcadia.

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Joe Ponce

About Joe

I am originally from northeast Indiana where I grew up in a rural farming community.  I attended a local church all of my childhood and my parents raised me to know scripture and God’s truths.  In college I met my wife Chelsie and we began attending church together at Countryside Bible in southern Michigan.  Chelsie and I moved to the valley in 2008.  We have two children, Willa and Ezra, and we live in the Moon Valley area of Phoenix.  We’ve been attending Redemption Arcadia since the spring of 2012 and have served in children’s ministry and currently host the Fraley/Ponce Redemption Community.  I’m humbled and honored to serve as an elder at Redemption Arcadia.

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Josh Perrault

About Josh

I was raised by my grandparents in Fremont, California. We moved to Mesa when I was in 9th grade. I attended Red Mountain High School and then Arizona State University.

God called me into His kingdom in 2002 during my sophomore year of college. He immediately planted me in the East Valley Bible Church community. I met my wife, Stephanie, in December of 2002. We were married in 2005 and have four daughters – McKenzie, Harper, Skylar, and Sutton.

My vocational calling involves managing the maintenance and facilities team for a regional car wash company. In my free time, you’ll find me hiking Camelback Mountain or attending my kids’ sporting events.

I have a passion for the local church and for training my children in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. I’m honored to serve as a Deacon at Redemption Arcadia through the ministry of prayer and service.

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Malia Rogers

Worship Director
About Malia

I was born and raised in the Midwest (Sutton, NE – population 1,500 to be exact). I grew up in a Christian home, the second of four kids, and was raised in a very traditional Reformed church as a pastor’s kid until I was 13. I came to know the Lord as my Savior at a young age and am thankful for the work He did in my heart in those formative years of my life. As a child, I knew I loved Jesus and music wanted to pursue both, but had no idea what that would look like.

In 2015, I moved 18 hours from home to Phoenix to attend Grand Canyon University. I began attending Redemption Arcadia in the fall of 2016 and graduated in April of 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an emphasis in Ministry and a minor in communications. During my time at GCU I served at Arcadia as both a worship intern and an operations intern.

My heart is to use the gifts and opportunities the Lord has blessed me with to bring Him glory and to build up His people. As believers, the only response to the message of redemption found in the Gospel is a song of praise and thankfulness offered to God. That call to worship isn’t limited to the mountaintop moments, but is just as true in the mundane, everyday moments. I am honored with the privilege of getting to assist in leading our congregation in worship through both! I love each and every opportunity we get to come together as God’s people to do just this.

The Lord has used His people here at Arcadia to encourage, grow, and shape me. I love this church and am so thankful that I get to be a part of what the Lord is doing here!

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Melissa Balkon

Deacon & Graphic Designer
About Melissa

I was born and raised in a suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Arizona in 2004. God blessed me with God-fearing parents who taught me about Jesus from an early age, and I began to truly commit to my faith in my late teens. I have an amazing brother and sister-in-law who recently gave me the gift of becoming an auntie for the first time! Work-wise, I run a boutique design studio that focuses on brand and website design for small businesses as well as an art and paper goods company based on my original artwork. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a creative business nerd.

I began attending Praxis in late 2010, right before it became Redemption Arcadia. Being the creative type I was initially drawn to the worship, but over time I began to understand the rarity and value of the depth of Biblical teaching at Redemption Arcadia. I thank God for the gift of this church body and its leadership. I’ve volunteered my graphic design skills for the church since the summer of 2015, been a Deacon since fall of 2017, and am humbled to be able to pray and care for the people of Redemption Arcadia.

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Nick Oviedo

About Nick

Bio coming soon!

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Patrick Durkin

About Patrick

I was born in Las Vegas, NV and moved to Phoenix, AZ in the summer of 2008 (an excellent time of year to move from Las Vegas to Phoenix). Although familiar with attending church in my childhood and as an adult, my relationship with Christ began shortly after my move to Phoenix as I reluctantly accepted an invite to a church in central Phoenix that later became a Redemption congregation.

I met my beautiful wife Katelyn at a Redemption Community (RC) group in 2014. Our son Rory was born in the fall of 2020 and our fur baby is a very lazy greyhound that flunked out of racing school named Nelly.

I felt a strong calling to serve the body of Christ through the Deacon board at Redemption Arcadia beginning in 2015. As far as my professional calling, I work in the banking and credit industry. I find leisure in hiking the beautiful trails and mountains, partaking in all of the “foodie” hot spots around Phoenix, and consider myself a “cinnamon roll connoisseur”.

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Randy Patterson

About Randy

Bio coming soon!

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Stephanie Perrault

About Stephanie

I grew up on a farm in Maricopa, and Im a fourth generation Arizona native. I was blessed to be raised in a Christ-fearing home and embraced the Gospel at a young age. As I grew in my faith, I came to understand more fully Christ’s amazing grace displayed in salvation.

My husband, Josh, and I met during college and were married a few years later at East Valley Bible Church – now Redemption Gilbert. We started attending Redemption Arcadia in 2016 after moving to the Arcadia area. We love it and are so thankful for the wonderful community we have here. We have four daughters – McKenzie, Harper, Skylar, and Sutton, and a dog named Stormy. We are a sports-loving family and enjoy doing outdoor activities together.

When I’m not running the school or sports shuttle, I enjoy helping families buy and sell real estate in the Phoenix area. I also love coffee, which is why you’ll find me serving on Sunday mornings in the coffee shed. As a deacon, I’m am excited to serve the body of Christ through prayer and service.

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Stephanie Shumate

Director of Operations
About Stephanie

I was born and raised here in Phoenix, AZ, the oldest of four children born to two amazing parents who love and seek to serve the Lord in all they do.  God saved me at a young age, but it wasn’t until junior high that I started to truly grasp the magnitude of what the Lord had done for me and seek to live my life in light of that.

After working for Disciple Nations Alliance, a small non-profit here in Phoenix, for just over five years, God called me to Redemption Arcadia where I started in May of 2012.  I am so thankful that He led me here and am excited to see how He will continue to use His church in the community around us.

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Steve Wheeler

Elder and Men's Ministry
About Steve

God used my wife, Ann, and eldest son to “grab” me in middle age, some 20 years ago.  After several careers of modest professional accomplishment in the legal, energy, and healthcare fields, I have finally learned that my true identity is in Christ and that my primary mission is to worship and faithfully serve the Lord.  As such, one of my favorite Bible passages is James 2:14-26 (faith without works is dead).  Ann and I are grateful parents of 4 children and 13 grandkids.  When not trying to be an obedient disciple, I enjoy my family, watching European soccer (no commercials), and doughnuts (any kind, any place, any time).

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Trae Fraley

Next Gen Pastor
About Trae

Bio coming soon!

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Tyler James

Family & Executive Pastor, Elder
About Tyler

Born in Vermont, my sister and I spent our school breaks exploring the beautiful mountains of my dad’s property.  The rest of the year growing up was spent in Southern Florida, getting into trouble and looking for shark teeth at the beach.  My mother and step-dad raised us in a Christian home, but I’d say my faith wasn’t my own until after my family and I moved to Prescott, Arizona in 1999 for work.  We grew to love Prescott and I enjoyed the small town life.  After a brief tour of the party lifestyle and a brush with a pretty serious medical condition that required a few surgeries, my faith began to grow and I began feeling called to vocational ministry.  I started working at a local church in Prescott in 2004 on the janitorial team, volunteering with kids’ worship, and eventually helping lead the kids’ ministry and youth program while I continued discipling students.

I moved to Phoenix in 2010 for a change of pace and got involved with Praxis Church as a volunteer.  I met my wife, Helayna, at a Redemption Community in Scottsdale.  We hit it off and were married on the one year anniversary of our very first date.  Eventually, we were sent out as a part of the Redemption Church Flagstaff plant.  We had our first child, Eleanor, in Flagstaff in the middle of a snowstorm in December 2012.  She’s full of joy and loves all things princess related.  We then moved to Los Angeles, California, where I served for four years at an incredibly faithful church, Reality LA, as the Kids and Youth Director.  It was here that our second child, Roland, was born.  He’s a gentle soul, but loves a good fight with his dad – it’s complicated.  We love exploring the city, going for walks, and watching movies; things most families like to do in the city.

We have always felt a draw to the Phoenix area.  Even when we moved to Flagstaff and Los Angeles, we knew we’d end up back here.  We just love this city, we love what God’s doing here, and feel called to be a part of it.  During the past few years, God has been building a burden in my heart for families.  Any approach to ministering to kids and students is, in the end, best done through equipping parents in discipling their kids.  All our best programs and plans fall short if they’re not reinforced in the home.  My heart is to see families built up in their role as disciplers and deepened in their dependence on God’s grace through it all.  My family and I are humbled to be here, and so excited to meet you!

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Tyler Thompson

Pastor of Communities & Worship, Elder
About Tyler

I am married to Liz and have two daughters (Charlotte and Savannah) and a son (Dallas). I came to Christ at an early age, but went through a Prodigal Son phase in my early 20s. As a result, I have experienced what it is like to be both the older and younger brother in Jesus’ parable. I am grateful for a gracious and loving Father who continues to open His arms to me, His son. There is no love like His love and no life like His life!

I am grateful to have been involved in ministry for more than 25 years, serving in nearly every ministry area of the church. Along the way, God has given me a profound love for Him and for the Church. I am most excited about developing leaders in the areas of worship, preaching, and small groups.

I am pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership at Denver Seminary and writing a thesis on the elements that lead to pastoral unity. My completed degrees include a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministries from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Music in Vocal Performance from California State University Fullerton, and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Biola University.

In all of these things, God has cultivated in me a heart of shepherding for the Church. Whether it is in a corporate worship service, in a group of a few, or in the life of the individual, I am passionate about seeing the creation and development of disciples who give their lives, passions, and talents in serving Christ. I am exceedingly grateful to be serving Him at Redemption Arcadia as Pastor of Communities and Worship!

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Zach Hines

Pastoral Resident
About Zach

I was born in Colorado Springs and my mom moved us to Phoenix when I was just under two years old; I count myself a Phoenician on a technicality. My family is quite small and I am not yet married. I have the most incredible mother, Jennifer, and she lives in Plano, Texas. My one younger brother, Alexander, and his wife, Alexis, live in Durham, North Carolina. They all know Jesus and are an encouragement to me daily.

My mother married my adoptive father when I was two years old and we grew up attending the Catholic Church. We were cultural Catholics but I did have a surface-level, and slightly askew, knowledge of who Jesus was. However, He was not yet my Savior. When my parents divorced in 2003, I decided that I was an atheist. I could not believe that God would allow something, such as a divorce, to happen to my family. As I grew up, this atheism was not antagonistic toward any one religion. It was rooted more in
apathy, ignorance, and a selfish desire to pursue hedonistic endeavors.

In college, I was a frequenter of the party scene and was enslaved to my own desires. After a few years of this empty pursuit, I was at the proverbial ‘rock bottom,’ and the Lord began to open my eyes to His saving Grace. A chance encounter on a date and a phone call to my brother changed the trajectory of my life forever. I was saved by Jesus on January 1, 2017. Forsaking old ways of living, I desired to grow in my faith in radical ways. I found myself serving in the giftings the Lord blessed me with and
more astonishingly, I found myself sitting in a classroom at Phoenix Seminary eight months later. I graduated in May of 2022 with an MA in Ministry. I plan on continuing to pursue an M.Div.

I started attending Redemption Arcadia in December 2019. I was praying the Lord would open the doors to deeper community and then the church shut down four months later due to a global pandemic. But the Lord has been kind in my time here, answering my prayer better than I could have hoped. He has provided wonderful community and has continued to grow my love for Him and for His Bride.

Outside of ministry at Arcadia, I have been called to work in leadership in the specialty coffee industry. That said, I love a good cup of black coffee. I enjoy a good (theology, historical, or fiction) book on a slow morning, driving on roads I have never been on throughout Phoenix, and playing pranks on the closest of my friends.

I believe the Lord is calling me to pastoral ministry and am grateful to have the opportunity to serve you and the Lord in this residency that will span the next two to three years.

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On Being a Local Congregation of Redemption Church


Redemption church is multi-congregational in structure. This means that a central governing body provides structure, direction, and support for the ministry of each local congregation. Local congregations, like Redemption Arcadia, are united and collaborative, but each has its own leadership and is free to contextualize its efforts. Click on the link below to learn more about the overall structure of Redemption.


We are a non-denominational church with a Reformed view of salvation. We believe that all of life is all for Jesus. We have been saved by grace through faith, which is itself a gift. That gift empowers us to be a transformed people who embody His redemptive power and participate in the renewal of all things.


We are a sent people. As the church we are not called to turn inward and build our own kingdom. We are called to turn outward and give ourselves to the spread of the Gospel, the establishment of healthy local churches, and the multiplication of disciples. This is a call to invest beyond our church, beyond our tribe, and beyond our generation.

Local and Global Outreach

We strongly believe that all members of the body of Christ are sent people, called to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the world. Therefore our community and global efforts should never be limited to structured programs. However, in response to the needs in our community, and God's heart for the nations, we do build global partnerships and facilitate opportunities to participate in God's mission of blessing the nations in Christ.