“The Lord’s Prayer” | Resources for Families

Pastor Tyler / March 19, 2020

As we prepare to start our new series on The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, we want to provide some resources for families and anyone else who might be interested. Below are some videos and ideas to help you engage with this series at home.

Be sure to keep up with our church’s response to COVID-19 if you aren’t already.

What have you been doing as a family to keep busy? Any ideas you want to pass along? Email us or connect with us on social media!

Our Memory Verse

We’re going to take this time to memorize all of Matthew 6:5-15. That’s right, the whole thing! There’s just too much goodness in there and, let’s be honest, you’ve got the time. You can do it!

We suggest you start by taking it a verse at a time, reading it out loud multiple times. Here’s a PDF in the same style as our usual handouts you can print from home!

Jesus Storybook Bible: “How to Pray”

Here’s a video we’ve used to teach through The Lord’s Prayer as a kids ministry as well as the PDF our teachers would use with ideas for activities to try.

“How to Pray” Teachers Guide PDF

Craft Idea for Younger Kids

Craft Idea for Older Kids

Put It Into Practice: Let’s Pray!

What are some ways you and your family could start praying more? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Commit to praying the Lord’s Prayer each morning or night. Post it on your bedroom door or bathroom mirror.
  • Go on a prayer walk in your neighborhood. Pray for people you know by name.
  • Download the “Nextdoor” app to learn more about any needs in your neighborhood. Maybe there’s something you can do to serve!
  • Try listening to this song called “The Lord’s Prayer” (feat. Sandra McCracken) together. Maybe it’ll help you memorize as you learn the words.

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