Sunday Review – June 11, 2017

June 11, 2017  |  Pastor Tyler

Acts 13:13-52

Here are a number of questions for discussion within families or your Redemption Community. Helpful tips for studying scripture “”. For more information about RCs, click here. These are meant to help you as you reflect on Sundays in your smaller groups. You are free to adapt, change, or take away any of these as you see fit.

  • Notice the two options given by Paul, what are the two very different responses we see in this text?
  • At the end of verse 43, Paul and Barnabas turn and tell the people to “continue in the grace of God.” What did he mean by this?
  • Verses 38-41 seem to be the crux of Paul’s argument. How does he articulate the gospel here? And what’s with that stern warning?
  • Notice the language in verse 46, they deemed themselves unworthy. How did they judge themselves unworthy?
  • Things didn’t go perfectly for the disciples here, but verse 52 says they went off with joy and the Holy Spirit. Why?

JUNE 11, 2017

SONG : All Hail the Power
SONG : I Surrender All
SONG : Love Shines
SONG : Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing