ACTS 18:1-23

Here are a number of questions for discussion within families or your Redemption Community. Helpful tips for studying scripture can be found at “”. For more information about RCs, click here. These are meant to help you as you reflect on Sundays in your smaller groups. You are free to adapt, change, or take away any of these as you see fit.

  • Pastor Frank took some time in his sermon today to talk about the historical context of Corinth and the surrounding areas and culture at that time. Ask yourselves, your family, or your redemption community, why is it important to discuss the history and context of the early church? (Early church history is our history!)
  • Paul seems to have hit a wall in verse 6, he gives up on part of his mission, having grown frustrated at the same reaction city after city. What do you do when you hit a ‘wall?’
  • Notice that Jesus doesn’t rebuke Paul in verse 9, but encourages him to not give up. His motivation for Paul is rooted in trust in God’s presence and His work, not in Paul’s strength.
  • How is verses 12-17 a fulfillment of God’s promise in verse 10?
  • In 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, Paul talks about this simplicity of his message. Are there times you plan and prep instead of simply proclaiming the good news of Jesus?


Psalm 86:11-15
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