My fascination with Psalm 119 began in college. Growing up a Christian, I spent a lot of time studying the Bible and learning about theology. But by the time I got into college, there was a disconnect. I knew all the things the Bible said about God and the goodness of His law, but I was struggling to feel it. They honestly just felt like a burden.

One summer, I decided to spend as much time as I could reading Psalm 119. I couldn’t imagine a person having that much genuine love for God’s law, so I asked God, in spite of my feelings, to show me how it was possible. After that summer, Psalm 119 became my favorite Psalm, one that I have come back to regularly as I have grown in faith and maturity.

Last summer, during our series on the Psalms, I got to do something I always wanted to do. I memorized and recited Psalm 119 and shared my reflections on it. This is a Psalm that talks about the faithfulness and goodness of God’s Word in the midst of a world of suffering, persecution, and chaos. Of all the verses in the Psalm, the one that stood out the most was Psalm 119:54: “Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my sojourning.” These words cut deep into my soul, and I still, to this day, can’t quite shake them.

When Reagan Capaci and I sat down to write a song, I suggested we start with Psalm 119 and told her we had to include that verse somehow into the song. After about an hour of writing, we came away with the song, Sojourning, and we are really excited to share it with you. In the song, we wanted to juxtapose the faithfulness and steadiness of God with the unrest of a broken world. My hope is that it reminds us that God’s word is good and can be the songs you sing in our years of Sojourning here.

Sojourning is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Sojourning Chord Chart