Is the Bible book ‘Song of Solomon’ really about romantic love and not simply an extended metaphor that describes the love God has for His people? In a word, YES. In fact, Chuck Swindoll writes that if he were to sum up Song of Solomon in one simple statement, it would be this: “It’s about remembering when love was fresh. A love that is not nurtured is a love that is dying.” While it is true that no book in the Old Testament has had such a variety of interpretive speculation as the Song of Solomon, the Bible on the whole is not shy about spousal romantic relations. In fact, we should remember that God Himself is the Creator and Encourager of said relations. As the scholar John Balchin writes, “God intends beautiful intimacy for His creatures.” And yet, while expression of romantic love is the primary theme of The Song, we do see many places where the loving and shepherding character of God is also put on display. Join us in this four week study in "the raciest book in the Bible."