For you note takers out there (I’m one of them!) we recognize that sometimes the slides change before you have a chance to write everything down. We hope, in the future, that posting the slides here on our website before Sunday will not only give you a sneak peek as to what’s coming on Sunday, but also help you to focus on the teaching of God’s Word and not get frustrated when you don’t get all of the items off of a list. See you Sunday!

The two most common things I hear about giving:

  1. 1. Frank, you don’t preach much on giving.  You really should do more of that.
  2. 2. The only thing a church wants is my money.

Our desire at Redemption is not that our coffers be full, but that your hearts would be full!

God says THREE things in verse 6:

  1. 1. God’s people don’t have to guess when it comes to God.
  2. 2. God’s people should spend less time wondering where HE is and take a closer look at where WE are.
  3. 3. The place for God’s people in God’s Kingdom will not perish.

People who walked away from God … 

  1. 1. Were stubborn
  2. 2. Lacked humility
  3. 3. Were wise in their own eyes but foolish toward God
  4. 4. One of their false gods: they always had to be right
  5. 5. Lacked compassion and generosity

“The whole of the Christian life is repentance.”

-Martin Luther

God’s definition of robbing:

Not that which is taken, but that which is withheld.

“Each of God’s people must give what they have decided in their heart to give, and not reluctantly or under compulsion.  For God loves a cheerful giver.”

– Paul, 2 Corinthians

Malachi 3:9 – 12

“God will meet our needs, but not all our greeds.”

-Gordon Hugenburger