We believe that students are an important, integral part of the body of Christ and we recognize that the teenage years can be some of the most challenging and formative in a person’s life. We desire to support parents by providing a community that values teenagers and models the beauty and truth of God’s word to them. With the diversity of our congregations, ministering to students takes on different forms from one Redemption congregation to another. R/Students at Redemption Arcadia is a team of Christ followers working with parents in discipling students toward faith in Jesus, trust in His Word, and love for the local church. We pursue this by following the example laid out for us in Acts 2:42.

We meet Wednesday evenings in Room 8 at the church, email our Students Pastor for more information. Come be a part of our community as we explore what it means to be the church. Be ready to be real, share your thoughts, and wrestle together as we dig into God’s Word.

Email Pastor Trae