Moving In. Planting Roots.

September 25, 2015  |  Patrick Hill

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood…” John 1:14

A hope for Arcadia

God has a hope for the Arcadia area. He wants…

  • A gospel centered Arcadia
  • An outward focused Arcadia
  • An Arcadia that lives all of life all for Jesus

He desires that hope to be true in the Arcadia business community, Arcadia families, and the schools, restaurants and recreation that make Arcadia what it is.

Redemption Church shares God’s hope for Arcadia. Six years ago, our church moved into the neighborhood to model and proclaim God’s vision for Arcadia and the surrounding area, to be His embodied hope. As a church community, we strive to be:

  • A gospel centered church
  • An outward focused church
  • A church that lives all of life for Jesus

A Faithful Presence

Three years ago, we began praying for a permanent place to establish a faithful presence in the Arcadia neighborhood. The pastors, elders, and leadership team all recognized the lack of permanence as the greatest hindrance to carrying out our mission because the Gospel takes time to transform a community.

We began praying, searching, and working towards two things:

  • A permanent and adequate space within the greater Arcadia area
  • An affordable space in the greater Arcadia area

Despite the challenge of finding a large enough meeting space in an increasingly expensive area, we were convinced that the God who gave us a foothold in the neighborhood six years ago could provide a permanent location at a price we could afford.

We are happy to say that God, in a way that only He could do, has provided just such a space. 

Moving in. Planting Roots.

On March 29, 2015, we settled on a purchase agreement for Biltmore Bible Church at 3330 E. Camelback for less than 30% of its market value.

Biltmore Bible Church was established in the 1950s by Bethany Bible Church and went on to help plant Camelback Bible Church and Scottsdale Bible Church. The church board’s hope was to pass along the property to a church that would carry on the faithful presence God began through them more than 60 years ago.

Redemption Church Arcadia, through the leading of the Holy Spirit on the Biltmore Bible Church board, was chosen to move in, plant roots, and continue the faithful presence God began on that property 60 years ago.

Pray. Give. Share.

During this time, we are asking the congregation to commit to three things:


  • That God would use the presence of Redemption Arcadia to proclaim and model a community that is gospel centered, outward focused, and sees all of life all for Jesus.
  • For wisdom with the resources with which we’ve been entrusted.
  • That Arcadia would be transformed by the faithful presence of God’s community in the neighborhood.

The current building is in disrepair and needs A LOT of TLC. We need to raise $1.5 million over the next 2 years in order to renovate and rebuild a facility to carry out our faithful presence in the neighborhood.

We are asking that those who call this church home commit to one of the suggested giving categories listed below over the next two years. Of course, any commitment of any amount is helpful. This is how raising $1.5 million over two years could look:

$100,000 over two years – 4 commitments

$50,000 over two years – 7 commitments

$20,000 over two years – 15 commitments

$10,000 over two years – 20 commitments

$5,000 over two years – 30 commitments

$2,000 over two years – 50 commitments

For example, a commitment of $10,000 over the course of 2 years would come to $417/month. A commitment of $5,000 over 2 years would come to $209/month.

God has been faithful to our church. He has been faithful to His hope for Arcadia in providing a way for His people to move in, plant roots, and establish a faithful presence. Tell your friends about God’s faithfulness. Share the story of God’s hope and provision for Arcadia to your children, families, and neighbors. Join with us in being the embodied hope for the Arcadia area.