I was born in Las Vegas, NV and moved to Phoenix, AZ in the summer of 2008 (an excellent time of year to move from Las Vegas to Phoenix). Although familiar with attending church in my childhood and as an adult, my relationship with Christ began shortly after my move to Phoenix as I reluctantly accepted an invite to a church in central Phoenix that later became a Redemption congregation.

I met my beautiful wife Katelyn at a Redemption Community (RC) group in 2014. Our son Rory was born in the fall of 2020 and our fur baby is a very lazy greyhound that flunked out of racing school named Nelly.

I felt a strong calling to serve the body of Christ through the Deacon board at Redemption Arcadia beginning in 2015. As far as my professional calling, I work in the banking and credit industry. I find leisure in hiking the beautiful trails and mountains, partaking in all of the “foodie” hot spots around Phoenix, and consider myself a “cinnamon roll connoisseur”.