Frank Switzer

/ August 28, 2015

Married to Jackie, we have two daughters. Shelby, our oldest, is a graduate of North Park University in Chicago where she completed a Bachelor’s in Biology. She’s now in graduate school. Darby, our youngest, is married to Joey. Both are graduates of North Park University in Chicago and are currently in graduate school. Both Shelby and Darby played high school and college volleyball. Jackie is the Director of the Family Life Center at North Phoenix Baptist Church, the terrific church she grew up in and the church where God saved me.

I grew up in a great family, but one that didn’t attend church. At the age of 27, Jackie and I met and started dating while, of course, she was attending North Phoenix Baptist Church. As a part of our “dating plan” I wanted to attend church with her to try and figure out “the Jesus thing.” God used Jackie and NPBC to save me in June of 1987.

In 1990 I met Tom Shrader (one of the founding pastors of Redemption Church) and began attending his Bible studies. He would disciple me where he could and when we had time. Eventually, the business I was involved in was sold and I was left with no career at the age of 35. I went back to school, earned a few degrees, and in 2000 entered vocational ministry. In late 2011, I was called to Redemption Arcadia, where I started in February of 2012.