I was born and raised in the small agricultural town of Quincy, Illinois. After attending business college and working for the local prosecuting attorney, I moved to Phoenix in 1975 and became a legal assistant and later managed two separate investment businesses. During that time, I faced several significant challenges and struggles that my religious upbringing did not equip me to endure faithfully. I began then to question everything in my life, especially my religion that could not sustain me because it was not based on a relationship with Jesus Christ. But during this dark time, God amazingly put key people in my life that pointed to Him and assured me that I could have a personal connection with a God who had seemed unapproachable and uncaring. The Holy Spirit began working in me in a way that has since changed me forever.

Now I live by His amazing grace, a life offered up to Him by faith. He rescued me and He has given me the beautiful desire to encourage others and comfort those in distress with the promises, blessings and grace God has bestowed on me. My joy is to serve His church through mentoring and discipling. I am also a deacon devoted to prayer and ministry.

I am married to Steve Wheeler, and we have four children and 13 grandchildren.