During my childhood, I was exposed to the gospel and biblical truth but had the misconception that God would save me only if I could first overcome the sin in my life. My repeated failure to live up to my standards of perfection became, in my mind, accusations of my unworthiness to God. By the time I was 20, I despaired of ever “feeling” saved and found myself questioning every assumption I had made about life’s meaning and purpose. Thankfully, God broke through the lies I believed and showed me that the biggest issue I wrestled with was His lordship over my life. I wanted to be saved by a God who served my needs, not a God who saved me despite my neediness. This realization humbled me to a point of repentance, and the last 28 years have been a journey of growing in relationship with Him on His terms, not mine.

Curious and adventurous by nature, I was blessed to marry my best friend right after college and begin a truly great adventure. My husband, Shawn, was an officer in the US Navy, so we spent the first 19 years of our marriage moving from duty station to duty station (eleven, to be exact). During that time, we raised four great kids and tried our hands at raising chickens and rabbits, many gardens, and attempted to train several dogs. When Shawn retired from the military, we returned to his hometown of Phoenix, AZ, where we purchased and have settled into the house he was born and raised in. In 2017, our first grandchild was born!

Through all our transitions, one truth stood out: God’s word is transforming lives around the world. Continually I am encouraged and amazed by the family of God. He has shown me over the past 25 years of marriage that He strengthens and encourages us through His word and community. I’m excited to serve the Redemption Arcadia community by walking side by side with you as we seek to know Him personally and worship Him fully!