Discussion Questions: Acts 8:1-25

April 2, 2017  |  Pastor Tyler

“God Can’t Be Bought”

Here are a number of questions for discussion within families or your Redemption Community. Helpful tips for studying scripture “arcadia.redemptionaz.com/squid”. For more information about RCs, click here. These are meant to help you as you reflect on Sundays in your smaller groups. You are free to adapt, change, or take away any of these as you see fit.

  • How does this story fit into what Jesus promised in Acts 1:8?
  • What’s Luke trying to get us to understand with this passage?
  • It’s easy to read Simon’s response as motivated by good things, and Peter sees right through it to the real issue, his heart. What do you think Peter sees in Simon’s heart?
  • Our own hearts are deceitful, in what ways do we deceive ourselves to cover up our idols?
  • At the end of this story we’re left wondering what became of Simon, did he repent? Does it matter in light of the second question?