Discussion Questions: Acts 4:23-31

February 26, 2017  |  Pastor Tyler

“The Prayer of the Persecuted”

Here are a number of questions for discussion within families or your Redemption Community. Helpful tips for studying scripture here. For more information about RCs, click here. These are meant to help you as you reflect on Sundays in your smaller groups. You are free to adapt, change, or take away any of these as you see fit.

  • Remind yourself what we learned last week? In v23, what did Peter and John report to their friends? Why did the people begin to pray in light of this information?
  • This text is thought of as part of the initial outbreak of persecution. What do you think of when you hear the word persecution? Look up the definition, how is that different than what you thought?
  • Are there ways that living as a christian opens you up to persecution?
  • What were the main requests of their prayer? Notice the centrality of God, not self in the prayers.
  • Boldness has been described as action despite fear, is there a way the Holy Spirit is stirring your heart toward boldness?