Counseling at Arcadia

We want to help those who are hurting find healing and hope in Jesus. We want to help those who need guidance find purpose and wisdom in God’s word. We want all people to experience God’s grace applied to their lives.

Biblical Counseling

We strive to offer counseling for individuals and couples that is based on and rooted in the eternal truth of God’s word. Our counseling is Gospel-centered, dealing with the harsh reality of suffering and sin in a broken world, while pointing to Christ as our salvation and the renewal of our hearts and minds by the Holy Spirit as our hope for change and growth. Our goal is never to simply modify behavior, but to address the root issues of pain and conflict and to bring them under the light of God’s word so that we might experience the restoration, healing, and peace that comes with being a disciple of Christ.

Pre-Marital Counseling

If you are engaged and would like to meet with a pastor for pre-marital counseling, simply send an email to Stephanie Shumate that includes your names and contact information. A pastor will then follow up with you. Typically, counseling involves multiple meetings with the couple and a pastor working through reading material and scripture while discussing the couple’s relationship.

Email Stephanie