All of Life Interview: Kristin Dunmyre

February 27, 2017  |  Stephanie Shumate

We often say at Redemption that “all of life is all for Jesus.”  This quote has incredible implications for every facet of life, including our work.  Here, Kristin Dunmyre shares how she connects her work as a graphic designer to God’s work.

How would you describe your work?

I am a graphic designer and work in house for a tech company called Carvana.  We are changing the way people buy used cars by eliminating the dealership and all the negative side effects that come from that.  We’re a young company, so it’s my job to help establish the brand through graphics and visual design.  I do everything from brochures to billboards, web advertisements to event designs, and office interior spaces to employee uniforms.  You name it, I’ve probably designed it!

As an image bearer of God, how does your work reflect some aspect of God’s work?

When I think about all the types of attributes our God has, what stands out to me most is that He is a God of beauty and a creative creator.  We get to see and take in His beautiful creation on a daily basis.  What makes me so passionate about what I do is that I get to share those same creative attributes with Him and create beautiful things, bringing inspiration to people.

How does your work give you a unique vantage point into the brokenness of the world?

Being in the creative industry and being an artist you have to be vulnerable, and in turn are subject to critique and opinions.  These judgments and comparisons can leave you always feeling on the defensive.  You see a lot of hurt, personal attacks, and stolen ideas that highlight this brokenness, especially if you find your identity in your work.  When I notice these feelings start to arise, I can find peace because I know my identity is in Christ and He alleviates the hurt and comparison.

Jesus commands us to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”  How does your work function as an opportunity to love and serve others?

I love getting to design t-shirts for our customers to wear at an appreciation event, or a new break room space for my co-workers, or some wall art for a friend’s new home.  My work goes beyond a sketchbook or fancy computer software; I get to think about the people I’m designing for.  I get to spend time with these people and work closely with them throughout the design process.  I get to love and serve them by getting to know them as individuals, listening to their needs, and designing something that meets their needs, which ultimately brings them joy.