Discussion Questions: Acts 11:19-30

Pastor Tyler / May 14, 2017
discussion questions, small groups, Sundays


Here are a number of questions for discussion within families or your Redemption Community. Helpful tips for studying scripture “arcadia.redemptionaz.com/squid”. For more information about RCs, click here. These are meant to help you as you reflect on Sundays in your smaller groups. You are free to adapt, change, or take away any of these as you see fit.

  • What were some of your main takeaway’s from last week?
  • Why do you think Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul?
  • What were some of the key reasons you see why these people were first called “Christians” or Little Christs?
  • Barnabas spends a lot of time discipling Saul in verse 26, this could be a good time to discuss discipleship as a group. What is it? How are you being discipled? Are you discipling others?

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